E's Bookshelf

Nautilus & Gaiman

When I left Austin for Charleston, I donated practically everything I owned sans my tiny library and a twisted old bookshelf. (Books, Kurt the Frenchie, and 3 cats that weaseled their way into my home more accurately describes the survivors of the great purge.)

I'm a voracious consumer of words, a hound for narrative. I turn to friends or strangers for recommendations and frequent used book stores and rifle through bent comic books and ripped dust jackets—I discovered Philip K. Dick that way. I figured I'd share titles, authors, magazines, and what have you to contribute to the reading/sharing cycle.

Here are snippets of my bookshelf:

Nautilus is a beautiful science magazine. (I think this was the first article—or science story rather—I read.) N subscribed to it on a whim, and I’m really glad he did. 

American Gods was my introduction to Neil Gaiman. It was spectacular and strange; unlike anything I’ve read before. I picked up the Sandman series and many of Gaiman's other books and have enjoyed them all.