Gardens & Libraries

I can't remember if we intentionally set out to find the Howard Peters Rawlings Conservatory or if "Druid Hill" piqued my curiosity (I had just finished watching BBC's Merlin, again). Regardless, I'm happy we did. The conservatory was lush, beautiful, cheery—pretty much everything Baltimore's weather wasn't that week. It's the second oldest conservatory of its kind (glass and steel-framed) still in use today. One of the horticulturists said something was usually in bloom at any given point so if you have a penchant for bright, prolific blooms, you shouldn't be disappointed. Me, I prefer the desert room. I find the muted greens and sepia tones really appealing.

We definitely sought out the George Peabody Library. I've wanted to visit this library for as long as I can remember. The sea of bookshelves and high ceilings are a bibliophile's dream. It's a 300,000-volume collection. I can't comprehend that number. I walked in and out of the main room a few times just to come back and sit for a second. It really is a dreamy place.