Grand Canyon • Horseshoe Bend • Antelope Canyon • Zion National Park  

Grand Canyon • 

N. had a solo tour that began in Salt Lake City a couple days after Thanksgiving that gave us the glorious excuse of driving the 15-passenger van from DFW to SLC. We spent Thanksgiving hiking and eating turkey sandwiches in the van during a snowstorm. It was cold and wonderful. (Usually, we have to make late night drives to Atlanta and miss most of the holiday.) It is still my favorite Thanksgiving to date.

Horseshoe Bend •

Alternative name: Dune. 
Yes, the Grand Canyon is breathtaking, but I found Horseshoe Bend at sunrise more powerful. It's otherworldly. Since it's a little out of the way, there are fewer children running around and screaming (unlike the Grand Canyon).


Antelope Canyon

A great place to scratch your cornea. 

Zion National Park • 

If I had to choose one of the four, this would be my top pick. We arrived just before it started snowing. The sheer scale of Zion is hard to comprehend. We hiked through Zion on Thanksgiving day and bumped into a couple families from Germany. Besides the families, there weren't many people. It was serene and easy to navigate. We took our time and watched the snowstorm roll in. 

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